Home-made, from Scratch, Baked Goodies

The prices listed on our cakes are there as a reference only, so you have a general idea of what a cake similar to that may cost. Because every cake is made individually to order, actual prices will be quoted to you personally based on your choices of flavors, ingredients, and decorations.
Our Cakes Make THIS a Cake
 We often get asked, "Can you make THIS into a cake?" And our answer is always, "Well, we can certainly try!!!"

When you come to us with an item for inspiration (maybe a favorite toy, an illustration from a book, a picture of your pet), we will work with you to magically transform it into a fantastic cake that is sure to please everyone at the party!
The photos below show you some past cakes we have made using inspirational items from our customers. If you would like to see one of your favorite things transformed into cake, Contact Us today!
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