Meet the Decorator

"I made my first elaborate cake 21 years ago, for my daughter's first birthday, and I have loved cake decorating ever since. From the design concept to the finishing touches, I enjoy all aspects of cake making. Whether it is testing out a new recipe or using an old family favorite, each time I bake something I get transported to a magical world full of bowls of flour and butter and sugar and chocolate and sprinkles.
I think my favorite cakes are the 3-D teddy bears. It is amazing how much personality and expression you can give them with just a few dabs of frosting. Plus, when they are all finished, it is really hard to believe that they are actually made out of cake!
I am also a fan of mini-cupcakes. Despite their size, you can put in so much flavor and variety, and they are quite fun to decorate. Plus, since they are only two bites, you get all of the greatness of cake, but don't feel so guilty after eating one (however, because they ARE so small, it can be quite difficult to eat only one!)
Since moving to Denmark, there have been some challenges with finding the right supplies to make my cakes. After some trial-and-error (and perhaps a bit of luck), I have tested out several new ingredients and flavors, with great results. Actually, being forced to work completely "from scratch," I ultimately have better control over my cakes, building them completely from the ground up.
I really strive to make my cakes taste as good as they look. Of course food should have visual appeal, but the taste needs to live up to the expectations. Cake can't just be 'too pretty to eat.'  The biggest compliment I can get is when someone tells me that they cannot believe the cake is homemade!"
Emily lives in Hvalsø, Denmark with her family. When she is not busy baking, she enjoys fabric and yarn arts.
Emily C Kelly | Strædet 3, 4330 Hvalsø - Denmark | Phone: 5041 6789