Hire the Decorator

Do you have a party coming up and are looking for something fun and new to offer your guests? Or perhaps you would like to plan an interesting, educational evening for your family, group, or club to try something they have never tried before? Maybe your son or daughter is soon having a birthday, and they would like a new activity instead of another treasure hunt.

Well, now you can hire Emily, our expert cake decorator, to come to your event with her box full of cake decorating supplies, and she will take your guests on an artistic cake adventure!

Please let us know if you would like a "Cake Party" or a "Cookie Party," tell us the date and how many guests you expect, and we will do the rest! Emily will arrive at your party with enough cupcakes or cookies for everyone, plus frostings, icings, all the toppings (including marzipan if requested) and the tools needed for a fun cupcake or cookie decorating experience for you and all of your guests!

We estimate that a complete Cake/Cookie Party will last approximately 2 hours, and is appropriate for people of all ages. Emily is American and obviously speaks English, however she is happy to work in Danish, especially if the Party is for younger children.


To hire our cake decorator for your next party, please Contact Us with your information, and we will be there!

Emily C Kelly | Strædet 3, 4330 Hvalsø - Denmark | Phone: 5041 6789