Home-made, from Scratch, Baked Goodies

The prices listed on our cakes are there as a reference only, so you have a general idea of what a cake similar to that may cost. Because every cake is made individually to order, actual prices will be quoted to you personally based on your choices of flavors, ingredients, and decorations.
Our Cakes Details, Details
A sample of some of our best hand-sculpting and detail work. If you are interested in purchasing just the marzipan (without a cake), we are happy to create pieces for you that you can either use to decorate and top your own cakes, or have as stand-alone treats (they make GREAT gifts).
Because each piece is individually sculpted by hand, and thereby unique, we cannot guarantee that any two pieces will be exactly the same.
If you are interested in ordering marzipan figures, cut-outs, or portraits, please Contact Us with your requests, and we will put together something special just for you!
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