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The prices listed on our cakes are there as a reference only, so you have a general idea of what a cake similar to that may cost. Because every cake is made individually to order, actual prices will be quoted to you personally based on your choices of flavors, ingredients, and decorations.
Our Cakes Round Layer Cakes
This is how we define "cake." Our layer cakes are made individually to order, using only fresh, quality ingredients to ensure the best tasting (and looking) cakes you can buy. Each of our Round Layer Cakes is enough cake for 12-20 people (depending on the cake design), so if your party will be a bit larger, consider adding cupcakes to your order, or check out our Sheet Cakes for even more options.
And, if you have an idea for a cake that you don't see here on the site, let us know and we'll happily put it together for you.
Berry Bliss
650.00 DKK
Oreo Dreams
500.00 DKK
Orange Ginger
350.00 DKK
Black & White
400.00 DKK
Victoria Sponge
300.00 DKK
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